Hello Everyone:

We have just been advised by Transport Canada, the long-awaited Mariport Group Inc. report on the Marine Liability Act will soon be available. The message from Transport Canada below outlines how the report can be accessed.

For those of you copied to this email, we would ask the following:

1. Please pass this message along to your colleagues in the outdoor tourism industry whom would appreciate receiving it. Emails, a newsletter insertion, a broadcast fax... all distribution channels would be welcomed.

2. For those responding to Transport Canada with comments, the CTC and TIAC would appreciate learning about your views and recommendations, so please copy us on such responses. The CTC and TIAC will also be evaluating the report in conjunction with the CTC's Outdoor Tourism Product Development Committee. It is important that we know industry operator views.

I will ask our TOURISM MONTHLY publishing staff to consider a small article in the next issue of our monthly magazine in an effort to reach out to the industry at large making them aware of the report's availability.

We are well aware of the looming liability insurance issue in Canada. It is important that the industry continues it consultation process with Transport Canada on the MLA. We encourage you to actively participate in this dialogue.


Frank Verschuren

A/Director, Product Development

Canadian Tourism Commission

55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 600

Ottawa, Ontario

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From: Chatman, Tracy [mailto:CHATMAT@tc.gc.ca]

Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 10:30 AM

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Subject: Notice to Industry: Release of the Report of the Mariport Group

Inc. concerning section 39 of the Marine Liability Act (MLA)


In August 2001, the Marine Liability Act (MLA) came into effect. Section 39

of the MLA provides the government with the authority to make regulations

requiring insurance or other financial security to be maintained to cover

liability to passengers.

In January 2002, Transport Canada engaged The Mariport Group Inc. to

undertake investigations with stakeholders, make recommendations and

determine the impacts of a new regulatory regime of insurance for vessels

used for commercial or public purpose. Mariport Group Inc. has recently

provided Transport Canada with their report and it will soon be available in

both official languages and in both hard copy and electronic format on

Transport Canada's website, www.tc.gc.ca <http://www.tc.gc.ca>. The report

is approximately 100 pages in length.

Should you require a hard copy of this report, please contact:


Ms. Tracy Chatman, Policy Advisor, International Marine Policy,

Transport Canada,

Phone: (613) 993-5051,

Fax: (613) 998-1845,

Email: chatmat@tc.gc.ca.