Guidelines for Club Sanctioned Trips & Events

RCA TRIP SAFETY STANDARDS Club trips will be of at least 3 canoes.

Canoe clubs will appoint a suitably experienced paddler as Trip Leader for all club trips.

TRIP LEADER RESPONSIBILITIES Ascertain appropriate club safety equipment is present and determine who shall carry what (e.g. first aid kits, throw ropes, flare kits etc.).

Ascertain the canoeing experience of those present, and when necessary, assign paddling positions.

Before embarking, check the safety equipment of each canoe.

When necessary, (e.g. rivers), hold a pre-trip meeting for the purpose of discussing:

objectives of the trip.

type and any known hazards of the trip
(e.g. weather, sweepers, waterfalls etc.).

accident prevention, signals, emergency and rescue procedures.

etiquette and ethics.

If the trip leader feels an individual does not meet the requirements necessary for the trip, the leader then has the right to refuse to take that individual.

  • Equip their canoe with:

a bailer.

a spare paddle.

secured bow and stern lines which will float--painters
(3 - 4 meters of 9mm polypropylene rope is recommended).

extra flotation if required
(it may not prevent a capsize but it could save your boat).

Carry a spare set of emergency clothing in a waterproof container (a wool toque is recommended even if you are wearing a wet suit).

  • Wear a Personal Flotation Device
    (attaching a whistle and a spare set of car keys is a good idea).
  • Tie in all gear and equipment so that when the canoe is upside down nothing hangs below the gunwales (otherwise, it falls completely freesome you lose and some you don't).
  • All club members will inform their guests of these rules.