Certification Policies


 It should be noted that some form of flexibility concerning paddling certificates, as they relate to prerequisites, is required.  This problem will be left to the discretion of the Instructor giving the course.  However, considering the implications associated with Movingwater it is strongly advised that no flexibility be allowed concerning prerequisites. A Movingwater Paddler Level III, or its equivalent, is therefore a prerequisite before attempting to take the Movingwater, Canoe Poling or Ocean Canoeing Instructor courses.

Approval               Notice of Instructor Level Courses must be given writing to the Executive, through the Instructor Coordinator, before commencement of the course..

INSTRUCTORS       Only current Instructor/Instructor Candidate Members may attend Instructor Courses, Exams, Recertifications or Clinics.

 RCABC Membership      (Constitution Excerpt)

6.      An applicant for membership is granted it upon:

6.1          paying the prescribed membership fee;

6.2          agreeing to abide by and comply with the Constitution and By-laws of the Association; and

6.3          producing such documents and statements as may be required.

7.      A person shall cease to be a member of the Association:

7.1          by delivering his/her resignation in writing to the secretary of the society or by mailing or delivering it to the address of the society;

7.2          on his/her death or, in the case of a corporation, on dissolution;

7.3          on being expelled; or

7.4          on having been a member not in good standing for 12 consecutive months as specified below in 8.2

8.      Membership terminate:

8.1          annually on March 31 and are renewable on payment of the current year’s fees;

8.2          after members in good standing in previous year have been given 30 days grace following the termination date; then they shall cease to be in good standing and, automatically, cease to be a member;

Duration               The Lakewater Paddler Progression consists of four levels, which a Lakewater Instructor is qualified to teach.  Each level is approximately 8-10 hours in length.  Movingwater, Poling, Tripping and Ocean Canoeing courses each consist of two sixteen hour modules.  They can only be taught by an Instructor certified in those areas.

Flexibility           This format is designed so that it can be as flexible as possible, but consistent in content as it relates to each level.  Content from level to level throughout the province must remain the same to ensure proper sequence, complete coverage of material and quality.

 Ratios                   To provide good quality instruction and reasonable attention to individual students, the following ratios have been established for RCABC sanctioned Paddler/Instructor courses.  There is no doubt that under favourable conditions an experienced Instructor can usually conduct safe programs at greater ratios, but if they wish to certify participants these ratios must be adhered to:
                Lakewater                      9:1
                Movingwater (Tandem)   7:1
                Movingwater (Solo)        6:1
                Poling                             6:1
                Tripping and Ocean Canoeing        9:1

Master Instructor  

Prerequisites     • LW Instructor
• Current RCABC Instructor/Candidate registration
• Active Instructor of CP, OC or CT(equivalency considered on an individual basis)
• At least 5 years as a MW Instructor
• Documented First Aid Training

Certification    • Demonstrate to Current Master Instructors
• Ability to paddle and lead on Grade 3 MW
• >90% competence at MW Recertification
• Approved by Executive
• Process to be started by application or nomination by Master Instructor