Canoe British Columbia





Need topographic maps for your next trip?

What you get.
A pdf file with all the maps you order. You print as many as you need on 8 1/2 X 11 paper. Waterproof or plasticize as you wish.

What's available.

Most of British Columbia & Alberta south of 62° at a magnification from 1:12,500 to 1:200,000 with a contour interval of between 20 meters and 100 feet. North of 62° the resolution is between 1:100,000 and  1:1million with a contour interval of 500 feet.

You decide on the detail you need.
Here's an example of a $35 custom trip package.

Send an email with your area of interest.

Bill Mason "Date of Issue" cancelled commemorative stamp set.

These "Date of Issue Cancelled" stamps are particularly unique.

  • They are mounted on a Canada Post card that is stamped "Jour D'Emission/Day of Issue 1998.08.15 Godbout QC"
  • In a rare departure however, the official unveiling took place just after 7:00 PM in Merrickville, Ontario at the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association. Less than 500 stamps were then cancelled by the postmaster of Merrickville.
  • This set bears both cancellations.

note: the exact order of stamp placement on the card varies from set to set.

$120 Cdn. Enquiries to Stamps



Canada’s Gift to the World

This video was filmed during the course of a 22 day canoe trip in Canada’s sub arctic. 

Viewers follow three couples as they descend the Nahanni River, which was the first UNESCO designated ‘World Heritage Site,’  from its headwaters at the Moose Ponds to its confluence with the Liard.

Anyone planning or just day dreaming about the Nahanni is sure to enjoy seeing this unique adventure. 

DVD $35 postage incl. N. America